Tuesday :: Aug 26, 2008

The Clinton Speech

by eriposte

I've been telling myself to stay out of blogging for a while but I decided I had to finally say this.

Hillary Clinton is a class act. Not only did she reveal the candidate she was all year - at her fire-breathing, passionate and grounded best - she revealed for the umpteenth time that she is so much better than the liars, blowhards, freaks and miscellaneous politicians who smeared and attacked her and continue to do so even today (NBC's Political Bottom-feeder Chuck Todd being just one of the crowd). She has now done far, far more than she needed to do for her former opponent (you should read Eric Boehlert's latest on this). It's way past time for the media and the haters in the blogosphere to stop blaming her for Sen. Obama's problems. I don't want to hear another word from anyone trying to insinuate that she is trying to derail Sen. Obama's campaign. Not. One. More. Word. (I also don't want to hear another word from the ultra-egregious Jim Clyburn).

I am angry with the Democratic party leadership and Sen. Obama for actually thinking that Sen. Joe Biden (bless his heart) was a better candidate for Vice President than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. I have nothing against Sen. Biden, but did anyone seriously think Biden would be as powerful, as passionate, as partisan, as qualified, and have the kind of following that Sen. Clinton does? That he can connect people, issues and solutions - and make a case for the Democratic party - the way she did and does? Yet, in place of the inspiring fighter we saw today (and saw through the primaries) - someone who made all the other politicians sound like they needed a wake-up call - we got another boring, post-partisan establishmentarian white guy as the VP nominee (not to mention). In the meantime, a real fighter in the upper echelons of the Democratic party is being relegated into nothingness. Great job there! Hooray!

I guess I should just be happy that the large Democratic self-identification edge this year might just save us from the loserdom that infects the Dem party leadership and I should therefore keep my trap shut. What a bloody joke. Good night and good luck (not of the Keith Olbermann type).

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