Thursday :: Aug 28, 2008

Worse Than Bush. Really.

by Turkana

Glenn Greenwald isn't afraid to lambaste Barack Obama, when Obama deserves it. Greenwald isn't afraid to eviscerate shrillosphere icon Keith Olbermann, revealing the pundit as the petty little egomaniac he is. Greenwald is no partisan hack looking for a Unity pony. So when he warns us that John McCain might be worse than Bush, everyone should sit up and take notice. This election is about many things, but what it really should be mostly about is trying to save the country and the world from the most dangerous imperial extremists.

John McCain's two most loyal supporters and most influential foreign policy advisers, Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham, have an Op-Ed in The Wall St. Journal today proclaiming that "Russia's invasion of Georgia represents the most serious challenge to this political order since Slobodan Milosevic unleashed the demons of ethnic nationalism in the Balkans." Just as their neoconservative comrade, Fred Hiatt, does in today's Washington Post, Lieberman and Graham demand that the U.S. expend vast resources and assert itself both militarily and politically in order to thwart the New Russian Menace...

The painful absurdity of hard-core warmongers who supported the invasion of Iraq (and, in Lieberman's case, advocating we do the same to Iran and Syria) parading around as defenders of the "political order" is too self-evident, and by now too common, to merit much comment.

The lunatic agenda of the neocons?

To recap: the U.S. is going to impede Russian aggression, re-build and protect Georgia, revitalize the military strength of NATO, and restore peace and order to Europe. We're going to stare down the Hitlers of Iran (also in the Post today, Lieberman comrade -- the super-tough-guy and Iran obsessive Micheal Rubin -- lashes out at Joe Biden for "blinking on Iran" and being "Tehran's favorite senator"). We're going to re-build, occupy and safeguard Iraq for decades if necessary. We will single-handedly promote Israel's interests and view each of its enemies and its wars as our own. We're also going to get much tougher on China, just like Russia:

And as Greenwald pointedly emphasizes, they plan to do this while further cutting taxes. But here's the bottom line:

The foreign policy team exerting chief influence over John McCain is truly more extremist -- in a purer and more deranged form -- than the foreign policy team of the Bush administration. They're not only the most extremist faction in American political life, but also the most delusional. These aren't just the people who led the U.S. to war in Iraq -- though they are that -- but they're also the ones who actually believe that the Bush administration has been far too meek in its assertion of U.S. military force and too passive in its interference in the affairs of other countries. They want to accelerate -- massively intensify -- virtually every one of the polices that has brought the U.S. to such disgrace and near ruination over the past eight years. There is nothing "moderate" or "centrist" about any of them. John McCain is the Candidate of Bill Kristol and Joe Lieberman and John Bolton for good and clear reasons (including in Georgia): he's the best and most devoted instrument to advance their militaristic agenda.

It can get worse than Bush. Really. And people who genuinely care about the future of the world need to wake up to that fact. As I've said many times: you don't have to like Barack Obama or his policy proposals. You don't have to buy his pretty rhetoric. But you do have to vote for him. It's not that he's going to magically transform politics; it's that he's the only person who can prevent John McCain from becoming president.

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