Friday :: Aug 29, 2008

67 Days

by paradox

Congratulations on a magnificent acceptance speech, Senator Barack Obama, the setting and criticism delivery were very impressive. Thank you for hitting back, thanks for a successful convention. I was and am so very impressed and admiring of your wife, Michelle, words hardly do justice, and your beautiful children.

We now have 67 days to keep campaigning precisely like that to get a chance at taking our country back and saving the planet. I’ll be replacing the Obama yard signs this morning—some hosers took the previous ones—along with purchasing a poster for the front window. I’ll contribute tomorrow (tonight is payday) and do whatever I can to help in your victory, sir, good luck and best wishes, Senator Obama.

If this endorsement seems stiff and a little lackluster it’s because I’m one of those Americans with a memory, there is no hole in my soul that so conveniently forgets Democratic Party behavior for the last term was a horrifying disgrace I’m never living through again. I haven’t forgotten, I won’t forget, and although no one ever seems to say working strenuously to abate the excruciating Lieberman Blue Dog cancer of the Democratic Party should be part of the January agenda, I do.

It didn’t escape my attention that Steny Hoyer showed up like a Mafioso with abundant goon security to slither around that disgusting AT & T corruption orgy. I hate politics, Hunter of Daily Kos reacted to that, an exceedingly genteel response, in my opinion. I did see Joe Lieberman still listed as a Democrat, yes. I do so heartily agree with the inimitable Billmon that describing my relationship to the Party as to that of a bad couple is to insult all bad couples everywhere, most certainly.

It’s not as if these observations are some amazing discovery, that the exposed glaring contradictions to basic democratic and liberal ethos are some brilliant deduction of subtlety. I’m not stupid, Jesus, neither are Americans. Not talking about it won’t change the truth right in front of everybody’s faces, sorry.

It does hurt a great deal to see the Democratic candidate and Party so disgracefully covered by our joke of a national “journalism” corps, almost all of my anger abated at what these goons do to our people and country as they do anything but, you know, broadcast the convention.

I’ve also completely dismissed the racial aspect of this election. The best boss I ever had was black--we still do projects together--my best friend is black (the sumbitch just moved to Atlanta, Daily Kos regulars know his screen name) and I got an excellent racial education berthed on a ship with 15 young black Americans where they stack the racks four high. I’m so past this but the country is obviously not, and part of my past unhappiness with the campaign had to stem from dealing with this revolutionary racial element to the campaign.

It’s tough, it’s new, nobody could be remotely perfect in execution in this circumstance, especially with those lying manipulative hyena journalists skewering everything you try.

So although I will never be quiet about the tatters of what’s left of the Democratic Party brand or the Blue Dogs I will go downtown before lunch, the Obama office is there, pick up those yard signs, get some shirts, talk to some people, be the best American I can today.

I could give a damn about that political corpse John McCain, I’m confident Senator Obama will fight for a total victory in November, last night amply demonstrated that. I’m confident the country will see precisely what the future holds with the Republican Party as an alternative, Senator Obama did an extremely good job with that, too, and I’m looking forward to serving this election with what is, for me, relative cheerfulness.

67 days. I’ll do what I can, Senator Obama, damn straight. Thanks for earning the loyalty and the faith.

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