Friday :: Aug 29, 2008

In The Finest Of Republican Traditions

by Turkana

While we have your attention, I thought I'd refer you to this news, from the European Space Agency:

Following last summer's record minimum ice cover in the Arctic, current observations from ESA's Envisat satellite suggest that the extent of polar sea-ice may again shrink to a level very close to that of last year.

Envisat observations from mid-August depict that a new record of low sea-ice coverage could be reached in a matter of weeks. The animation above is a series of mosaics of the Arctic Ocean created from images acquired between early June and mid-August 2008 from the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) instrument aboard Envisat. The dark grey colour represents ice-free areas while blue represents areas covered with sea ice.

Current ice coverage in the Arctic has already reached the second absolute minimum since observations from space began 30 years ago. Because the extent of ice cover is usually at its lowest about mid-September, this year's minimum could still fall to set another record low.

As deSmogBlog's Kevin Grandia points out, Sarah Palin follows in the finest of Republican traditions, by denying that climate change is caused by human activity. He also updates with a link to Brandon Keim, of WiredScience, who notes that Palin wants Creationism taught in schools. Once again, it's Reality vs. Republicanism.

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