Saturday :: Aug 30, 2008

We Are Not in the Age of Stupid

by paradox

When Republican candidates had honor they naturally, as John McCain said himself Thursday, allowed the opposing candidate their “moment” at the convention, an American tradition of adults giving each other the courtesy of brief unopposed political messaging.

As we all know the Republican Party has devolved into churlish, petty Rovian squirrels, Mitt Romney crashing the convention and John McCain stealing Barack Obama’s acceptance speech media window. Oh no, the obnoxious dishonest candidate said, we would never take Obama’s moment by announcing the VP before his speech. We’ll just do it right after so nobody covers it.

This, my friends, is how this country has gone to hell in a handbasket, borrowing like mad from the Chinese to cook the planet from Arab oil that we must endlessly war and kill for. 80% of Americans know the country is on the wrong track from these Rovian Republican political tactics, and depriving us of examining thoroughly the proposals of the Democratic Party candidate did the Republic real harm.

Americans aren’t stupid or unobservant. Character, integrity, honesty and honor mean everything, try living by the rules of adults, John McCain, and you might actually have a chance in this election. Since you inevitably decided to be a churlish Rovian modern Republican punk who further grossly insulted America by choosing a creationist for Vice President, well, good riddance to your political corpse in your coming pathetic loss.

The 21st century is not the Age of Stupid. Perhaps Democratic control of the Presidency with 60 votes in the Senate and 25 more in the House will finally smash the fact home into the concrete skulls of Republicans, George Stephanopoulos and Maureen Dowd, but it seems doubtful.

Lost among many great proposals and goals of the Obama acceptance speech was total energy independence from foreign sources: And for the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as President: in ten years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East. Al Gore had given a terrific speech earlier in the evening, warning us again of the manifest dangers of global warming, how the security of America, her climate and energy needs were all intertwined, we simply cannot move forward as a country without this issue resolved as soon as possible.

California Bay Area weather weenies suffered in an ungodly furnace of heat yesterday into the high nineties, the “dry heat” no consolation at all for souls desperately looking for the fog. I stood outside at 2:00 pm and watched the waves of heat shimmer and roil off the roof in the still air, incredible amounts of clean renewable energy totally, grossly wasted just when we needed it the most.

Stupid. Drill off Monterey Canyon for some future horrendous spill that only furthers cooking the planet? Stupid! It really is amazing what morons Republicans and the media take us for, did they really think we’d stop paying attention to energy after that creationist resume is instantly dismissed after a few news cycles?

I still can’t help but think utilizing Al Gore a lot more by the Obama campaign would be very smart politics. Americans loathe the idea of dependence of any sort, they’re suffering from horrendously high energy prices, and are rightfully very worried about global warming. Don’t leave town, Al, your message is too good and too smart.

Even if Al Gore doesn’t appear with Biden or Obama every day at least a crucial goal of his cause has been seized upon by the Democratic Party candidate, for which I’m profoundly grateful to both. Americans are truly fed up with being treated like stupid children by manipulative politicians with the character and smarts of a soap dish, this country wasn’t built by idiots, it will…not…work anymore. The media can bury the Obama acceptance speech but it will surely live on in the Obama administration, know it like the sun rises, we are not in the Age of Stupid, together we will become independent of Middle East oil.

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