Saturday :: Aug 30, 2008

"Pre-emptive Strike Against Disruptive Protests"

by Mary

That is how the Minneapolis police describe the raids of a number of houses in Minneapolis looking to intimidate peaceful protesters.

Ramsey County authorities conducted raids across Minneapolis and St. Paul Friday and Saturday as a pre-emptive strike against disruptive protests of the Republican National Convention.

Five people were arrested and more than 100 were handcuffed, questioned and released by scores of deputies and police officers, according to police and elected officials familiar with the raids.

Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher have been covering this breaking story where even journalists were being detained by the police in this incredible demonstration of police state tactics.

When you think about how the country would fare under a McCain presidency, you only need to how the GOP now encourages the police to stomp on people who haven't even broken the law.

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