Monday :: Sep 1, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

What does it mean to handled a crisis effectively? The McCain campaign and the GOP are touting their extraordinarily competent manner of dealing with Gustav, but is that really true? Some questions that need to be answered to really know:

  • Will the newpaper filled levees hold? (And if not, who should be held accountable - the contractor who didn't do the work or the agency that didn't check? Or perhaps we should ask both to take responsibility and expect our government to care enough to check?
  • Or why should we not worry when we find out that Blackwater has been contracted to "secure" New Orleanse?
  • Or should we not worry when we know that Bush has put the military in charge because the civil arm of the government, FEMA, would not be up to the task of helping manage this crisis?

We will need to make sure the truth about Republican competence is told, because their idea of managing crises is deadly for too many people. We can't let them get away with their lies.

And thank goodness, Krugman has used his bully pulpit to make it less likely they can. We cannot afford to let Republicans destroy our ability to manage crises any more. They have shown they cannot be trusted to govern.

Your turn now.

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