Monday :: Sep 1, 2008

Down in Flames

by paradox

In a grim, dreaded way blue-dog-infested-Democrats never could Mother Nature is finally holding Republicans accountable, threatening more pain and grief for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast with vicious timing that’s shut down the Republican Party’s first day of the convention.

There had been some glee in liberal pixels that George Bush--worst president of all time and popular as head lice--would crown the first night of felon Republican festivities and further trash the Republican brand with his lying flatulence, but to have the president trapped in DC in shame, the convention shut down day one and the Republican candidate flying blind is a total Republican nightmare no Democratic consultant could have ever darkly hoped for.

Thoughts and prayers fervently go out to all of our people who have been evacuated from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Gustav may finally instill a sense of shame in Republicans and relentlessly shine the truth into the media New Orleans memory hole, but it’s the last thing this liberal writer or the Democratic Party community would have ever hoped for or wished upon our people in that region.

No one can predict the future but I doubt very much I will ever experience as an American the shame, horror, and humiliation of the days I watched the city of New Orleans fester under a vicious boot heel of abuse and incompetence, citizens dying in the streets for days as the allegedly greatest country on earth just sat there. Of course there was the grossly ugly racial component to it all, classic American urban neglect, and Karl Rove’s lying and odious political maneuvering to waft over the corpses.

The Whiskey Bar was still open at the time, and I remember writing to Billmon that I’d followed his Red Cross link and done something, anything, anything at all that might possibly help and stop this daily horror, but it wouldn’t stop, and in many ways it still hasn’t. It’s corporately convenient that the media ignore New Orleans since Katrina, so many Americans would be shocked to discover there is no teacher’s union in that city anymore, that’s the Republican doctrine of “re-building.”

John McCain prancing around the scene is only going to reinforce this daily outrage, no matter how bleatingly the media says it gives him the opportunity to be “in charge.” Of what, the amazingly stupid post-selection vetting committee of his mental creationist quack VP choice?

If there is any consolation to the people of New Orleans, the Gulf Coast and the United States as the new troubles of Gustav unfold and horrifying memories of Katrina stab at us know the candidacy of John McCain and the Republican Party, the politicians responsible for this un-ending horror show, are going down in roiling meteor flames for an official start. Hurricane Gustav would be bad enough, but the details becoming known about McCain’s selection process for vice president are also devastating.

John McCain never vetted his VP choice, the team to do so just arrived in Alaska. It turns out everybody is finding out for the first time the Republican-no-experience-creationist-quack-VP-choice has a very damaging scandal on her hands, and in fact did support the Bridge to Nowhere. Incredibly, McCain and the campaign spent a day stating she did just the opposite, a political shotgun blast to the foot for the ages. Obama and Biden are mature adults, they won’t stomp on GOP message at convention time, but that little gem won’t be forgotten.

This is why this text has always described John McCain as a chump political corpse with perfect accuracy, the man is irresponsible, immature, contradictory and politically stupid, he never did and has no chance to earn the presidency on his own merits, if one could describe them so, especially when voters are given the alternative of the pugnacious brilliance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

As we watch hurricane Gustav approach with dread, still fervently hoping and praying for all the victims of Katrina, it can at least give us ironclad resolve never to let up in our efforts to elect Senator Barack Obama as president. John McCain is a walking political dead man, yes, but for the brothers and sisters of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, at least for them we will work as hard as we can for the next 65 days to make sure there is not the slightest chance John McCain and the Republican Party will ever hold their fates in their hands again.

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