Thursday :: Sep 4, 2008

Palin Assails Critics, Electrifies Party

by paradox

So says the New York Times this morning, something I can certainly believe, for if there’s one thing to jolt of the soul of a Republican it’s the almighty spearing of the hated evil liberal from the Democrat party, appeasers and pinko poverty pimps, all of them. No, I didn’t watch Sarah Palin’s speech, didn’t need to, I’d heard it all a thousand different times before, nothing about building a country and future together and everything to do with hating the Angry Left, ironic since I’ve been giggling at this Palin clown show for three days now.

“Republicans don’t govern well,” Senator Barack Obama said recently. “But they can campaign effectively.” Something accurately to that effect, and although I completely agree with the first fact I would only add Republicans campaign effectively because the media almost always carry their water for them, Al Gore the Liar and Pink Baindaid Kerry endlessly amplified by corporate enablers.

The choice of Palin can now clear be seen as a panicky, impulsive disaster (it’s over, Peggy Noonan said yesterday), but Republicans always possess an abundance of arrogance no matter how badly they fail or effectively the President hides, so the next sixty days will be a fusillade of Republican attacks on the culture wars and the media, desperately trying to obscure real issues (anyone hear of healthcare or inequality solutions last night?) and bullying the notoriously cowered American “journalism” corps into even more obsequiousness, if that were possible.

“They called our daughter a lesbian!” the Cheney’s breathlessly clucked with mock horror four years ago, our “journalism” corps simply incapable of covering the debate the night before, to use but one of 22,456 examples of completely fucked up American political coverage.

This time around, though, the McCain media champeens released information of Palin’s pregnancy and then berated the press corps for reporting it. After lying about how the FBI vetted Palin, trying to say she got foreign policy experience through osmosis and then having their fannies flayed by Campbell Brown, of all people, for the laugher that Palin had Alaska National Guard experience the McCain professionals are screaming the media smeared Palin, not them.

Then they refuse to discuss anything at all about it, nothing, you vicious liberals, you, see what you’ve put us through?

Marching orders will still come down from General Electric, Viacom and Disney on how this election will be covered by our intrepid political copy professionals, but it will be interesting to see if our little media clowns will actually be cowed by that. Even they have some human pride and dignity. Really.

Well, tonight is the big show to put us baby killers down one last time, one last time of completely un-interrupted liberal bashing. Think I’ll pass.

I’ve written many times before how absurd it is to describe liberals or Democrats as anything close to extremist (Nancy Pelosi, warrior of American justice, heh), but for once it means not a damn thing, I don’t care and it’s not going to work, not by a country mile. Booman says it better than I ever could:

John McCain has ceded his two biggest advantages in this race in two short weeks. First he tossed aside the experience argument when he selected a running mate with no experience. Then he declared war on the only institution in the country that doesn't hate his guts. There is nothing to worry about, Al. McCain just shot his last ally.

There’s a day ahead and a lot of other things worth worrying about than John McCain. A steady consistent campaign by Obama, off to a brilliant convention start already, is going to crush this chump John McCain, he has so nothing, you’re so right, Peggy Dear.

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