Thursday :: Sep 4, 2008

We Don’t Need a Rank Liar for Vice President

by paradox

I thought I was beyond being surprised at the mendacity of Republicans, but Sarah Palin is even a worse liar than George Bush, if that were possible.

“I told the Congress "thanks, but no thanks," for that Bridge to Nowhere.” Liar. The evidence is overwhelming Paling did support the bridge.

Palin said her Alaskan administration didn’t pressure a state official to have a trooper fired. Liar.

Palin said she disagreed with above official over alcohol abuses. Liar.

Palin said she only mailed to above official (Monegan) about family safety. Liar.

I’d like to take this moment to congratulate the utterly pathetic US journalism corps. Sarah Palin is lying to us like this because she’s sure she can get away with it. Why is that? Because the US journalism corps has let George Bush and the Republicans get away with it for eight years. Way to go, you disgusting servile jackals. Do y’all finally have any inkling why yours is one of the most despised professions in the United States? Jesus.

I’m so sick of this joke VP choice already. Some of the whole disgrace has been amusing, but this rank lying is grossly insulting to any American with a brain and displays a profound lack of character and maturity.

It wasn’t the blowjob, it was the lying, remember? What will we tell the children, US journalism corps? The truth, or as many lies as you’re usually willing to pass along without comment?

[To be fair, most of the lies uncovered here were reported by working journalists (it happens sometimes). However, no one ever puts them all together and calls Palin what she is, a rank liar.]

[Many thanks to Steve Benen, Washington Monthly, and BarbMD, Daily Kos.]

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