Thursday :: Sep 4, 2008

The Visuals of McCain's Speech

by CA Pol Junkie

Forget the actual words of McCain's speech. Forget the lies, the attempt to atone for the GOP's failures, the token humility, and the relatively impassioned last 10 minutes. It doesn't matter because the visuals sucked rocks. The visuals distracted horribly from the speech.

McCain's campaign ought to fire whoever it was that thought it would be a good idea to have the huge images on the screen behind him. There's a reason the Obama campaign built "The Parthenon" behind him - it looked good as a background for the people watching on TV, which is 99.9% of the people who saw the speech. The green screen, the zoomed in out of focus lawn, and the sky blue made horrible backgrounds next to McCain. It was literally visually painful to watch - it was hard for me to even listen to the words he was saying.

The audience didn't help either, distracting far more than the protesters with their chants of USA! USA! USA! Throw in McCain's patented stilted movements and off-tempo cheesy grins, and it's very easy to forget what he actually said.

Image is golden in politics. Obama and his campaign pulled it off brilliantly last week. Tomorrow, the words of a speech will be forgotten. What remains is the image - and that won't help John McCain.

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