Saturday :: Sep 6, 2008

How Little They Think of Us

by paradox

There was a time, not so long ago, when the collapse/government bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was simply unthinkable, impossible, these were semi-quasi capitalist dealers in the most stable of markets, mortgage dealers and brokers in the United States, a safe, stable, consistently rational cash machine if there ever was one. Now both of those corporations are busted, along with the other once-unthinkable events of $4.00 gas, 4,000 dead in Iraq for lies, and the President trapped in DC from searing shame, shunned even at his own Party’s convention.

No one in living memory has ever seen a VP pick chosen without vetting her, either, but the myriad of extraordinarily new and painful events assailing America has never meant dick to Republicans as long as they get elected. The new records for those without health insurance, the record rate of ice melt at the poles from global warming, the ever-growing army of the unemployed, why, they had as much chance as being acknowledged during Hate Week--speech after speech of personal vitriolic attacks called the Republican Convention--as John McCain’s marital history.

As if to cheerfully sprinkle acid on the open wounds of the country John McCain lied without compunction about Barack Obama’s record and tax proposals, right after his campaign grossly insulted the intelligence of field mice by proclaiming Sarah Palin obtained foreign policy experience by osmosis (living close to Russia) and collaborating with the Alaska National Guard, a childish lie any four-year-old wouldn’t be stupid enough to try.

Instantly battered and buffeted in a hurricane of rightfully earned scorn and contempt at the laughable stabs at any political legitimacy at all, in any country, the McCain campaign then amazingly whined that it was the American journalism corps, yes, that enabling warmongering corporate gaggle of nauseating kiss-assers, why, they were the ones smearing Sarah Palin.

John McCain recently hired the stinking, odious consultants who racially smeared him using one of his adopted children (Jesus save us) in the 2000 campaign. John McCain and the Republicans have earned the right to judge others on the horrors of smearing, you see.

Possessing no shame in the least, the McCain “campaign” then punked the American “journalism” corps, putting a total lockdown on not only questions to Palin, but any questions at all about Palin, to anyone. Republicans yesterday spun this as smart move, saying more of this utter humiliation to America would hurt McCain and the country, an authoritarian mendacious repressive creep who can’t even answer questions from sycophants is what the country gets for Vice President, just shut up and take it, Americans.

The total contempt and scorn for any dignity at all for any American citizen from the McCain “campaign” and the American “journalism” corps knows no putrid depths. How little they think of us, utterly stupid tools of manipulative capitalism, worth nothing more than snotty denial for the all the pain, death and servitude we’re put through.

As stated before, the United States wallows in this contemptible clown show of politics because we have a screaming joke of a “journalism” corps, McCain and the Republicans have watched for years as Bush was enabled of anything, including another Vietnam, for Chrissakes, with the most childish of lies and rationalizations, they know full well they can get away with it.

I watched the odious Brian Williams last night, he who drives a $400,000 Porsche in the employ of General Electric, perform a laughably shallow “coverage” of the day’s political events that could not have lasted more than 300 seconds, the last shameful story of the wrong Walter Reid image used in McCain’s speech missing even that context, meandering around the ludicrous repeat (!) of the green background instead. Perky, pretty, and empty-headed Kelly O’Donnell yapped the McCain campaign still had Palin under total lockdown, as if the outrage were just the color of her dress.

After this ludicrously empty and stupid political reporting, inform the viewers we’re still on our knees to McCain and Republicans, willing to undergo any humiliation to pretend we report news and truth? Heavens no.

McCain is behind in several Bush win states, is 72 years old, has lying stupid VP who can’t even talk to the press, lies like a carpet whenever he can himself, and has no solution for any of the crises assailing America that he himself is greatly responsible for, hell, he won’t even bring them up in his acceptance speech!

Not even NBC can let you get away with that, John McCain. You and the American journalism corps are about to find out what happens when you hold the people of America is such shameful contempt, we are not idiots, and nothing is going to stop Barack Obama from being elected President, not after these latest outrages of contempt for our souls and citizenship.

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