Saturday :: Sep 6, 2008

John McCain's Judgment

by Mary

Via Dan Froomkin another instance of John McCain's questionable judgment as he declared his support for George W Bush in 2000 and what McCain said Bush would do for American.

"I say to all Americans, Republican, Democrat or Independent, if you believe America deserves leaders with a purpose more ennobling than expediency and opportunism, then vote for Governor Bush. If you believe patriotism is more than a soundbite and public service should be more than a photo-op then vote for Governor Bush.

"My friend, Governor Bush, believes in an America that is so much more than the sum of its divided parts. He wants to give you back a government that serves all the people no matter the circumstances of their birth. And he wants to lead a Republican Party that is as big as the country we serve."

This sounds a bit like what McCain promises to do himself. And with the smiling pit-bull at his side he'd probably govern with all dignity and non-partisanship as Bush did following the advice of his Brain.

Update: Yup, bringing honor and dignity back to the White House:

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