Sunday :: Sep 7, 2008

Why the Lie about the Bridge to Nowhere?

by Mary

Bloggers have asked, why all the lies about Sarah Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere even when it has been shown they are lies? It becomes explainable if you understand how the GOP expects to win the undecided voters. From the formidable Bob Somberby:

Our question: Why did she invent a bogus claim—her claim about the Bridge to Nowhere? Why did she concoct a tale that is so flatly bogus? Some folk still don’t understand. So here—let Luntz explain it:

LUNTZ (9/2/08): I've had the opportunity to have several conversations with groups of Independents here in Minneapolis. And it is fascinating to watch them react as they learn more and more about her. The first step is her background.

O'REILLY: Now, do you show them tape?

LUNTZ: We show them tape. We even show them the ad that Senator Obama ran against her right when she was selected. And they discuss it.

And the first aspect of that discussion is her background. And that's where she seems to fall a little bit short. Voters look at that she was mayor. And they see that she was governor. And they don't think that that holds a candle to Joe Biden. And as the discussion goes on, they start to turn negative—until they hear about her stopping a bridge to nowhere. They hear about her challenging a sitting governor, defeating him. Having an 80 percent job approval rating because she takes on the power. What they're looking for in a vice president is that same kind of maverick zeal that John McCain has.

O'REILLY: These are the Independents.

If they didn't have the lie, they would not win the election. Would it be too much to have the media point out it is a lie everytime the McCain cabal says it?

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