Sunday :: Sep 14, 2008

Reason #788,334 I Do Not Watch Television Political Coverage: Lou Dobbs

by paradox

Sunday morning is allegedly a zone of political coverage in American television “journalism,” a reeking evolution of lies and propaganda I never watch. Many bloggers and readers document the atrocities, as Atrios says, but it just leaves me disgusted and furious for the rest of the day on a precious day off, I simply can’t do it. The fact these horrible yapping cheeseheads have so much power over our Republic just makes it all the more galling.

Cranky and disgusted at another McCain lie that he didn’t vote for The Fence, that odiously stupid, racist, hypocritical monstrosity being built with illegal immigrant labor on the Mexico border, I’m surfing at Pandagon and see this lovely little vignette on the racist hate-monger Lou Dobbs, he just loved those Obama Waffles, and when the story came out somehow it got hastily yanked off the horribly offensive site.

This is just another episode of rankly racist, stupid inflammatory behavior by Dobbs, if he weren’t employed by corporate propagandists he would have been fired long ago, but of course he’s employed by CNN, so he serves his masters with all the ignorance and intolerance he can muster.

If you want to get lied to, watch the American television propaganda this morning. In that world Lou Dobbs enjoys great prestige and employment, telling us all we ever need to know about what television “journalists” think of the truth and democracy.

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