Sunday :: Sep 14, 2008

Someone Please Buy Her A Mirror

by Turkana

Maureen Dowd seemingly has found religion. After spending the past two presidential elections deriding the wonkiness of Al Gore and John Kerry, and after having spent pretty much her entire New York Times career deriding the wonky Clintons over the pettiest trivialities, she now takes after Sarah Palin for her- get this- lack of substance.

Regular readers of this blog know that I find McCain's Palin pick to have been so cynical, so political, and so irresponsible as to prove him unfit to be president, but for Dowd to be taking after Palin for her superficiality and lack of understanding about basic issues is laughable. Yes- Dowd is right- Palin's arrogant ignorance, and preference for biblical mythology to actual science is, indeed, reminiscent of the current disastrous occupant of the Oval Office. But Dowd ignores the even more important fact that John McCain's policies are even more reminiscent, and, if anything, even worse. But what Dowd most ignores is the degree to which the focus on irrelevant trivialities by prominent pundits such as herself has made the Palin phenomenon possible.

Eight years ago, George W. Bush should have been laughed out of politics. That Dowd helped make it acceptable for an unqualified incompetent to run even with a clearly superior candidate opened the door to American Idol Sarah Palin, and made John McCain's outrageous irresponsibility not only acceptable but clever. And the future of the country and the world be damned. McCain and Palin pass the beer test. Now, we will see if the electorate is still drunk on foolishness.

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