Tuesday :: Sep 16, 2008

Pakistani Troops Ordered To Fire On U.S. Troops That Cross Their Border

by Turkana

In September, U.S. forces invaded Pakistan. It was a relatively brief incursion, and it was described in our media as an attack on Al Qaeda militants. The little matter of Pakistan's territorial sovereignty wasn't particularly relevant. Except, of course, to the Pakistanis.

A few days ago, a U.S. missile killed more people in Pakistan. This was also described as an attack on militants. In Pakistan. Our erstwhile ally in the supposed war on terror. The Pakistani people weren't too happy about that, either. Today, Pakistan's government did something about it.

As reported by The Guardian:

Pakistan's military said today its forces had received orders to fire on US troops if they entered Pakistani territory, after a cross-border raid inflamed public opinion.

The country's civilian leaders, who have taken a tough line against militants, have insisted Pakistan must resolve the dispute with the US through diplomatic channels. But the military has taken a more robust line.

General Athar Abbas, an army spokesman, told the Associated Press that after a cross-border assault in the south Waziristan region earlier this month, the military told its field commanders to take action to prevent any similar raids.

"The orders are clear," Abbas said in an interview. "In case it happens again in this form, that there is a very significant detection, which is very definite, no ambiguity, across the border, on ground or in the air: open fire."

With the Taliban and Al Qaeda back on the rise, it's good to know that the Bush war on terror continues apace. Making more enemies. Of sometime allies.

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