Saturday :: Sep 20, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

I'm with Dr. Krugman, uneasy that we have to rely on that the gang in Washington to handle this crisis right. For far too long the wannabe masters of the universe that brought about this crisis have been fleecing regular Americans and it's not hard to think they are going to do all they can to lay it on the American taxpayer once again. And for some reason, I'm not too sure our Reps are capable of standing up for us.

And I have to say, I'm white hot with anger that innocent people have had their lives destroyed through this ponzi scheme while the real crooks and greedy bastards appear to be getting off scot free. Sure haven't heard of any suggestions that the fat cats give up some of their ill-begotten wealth to pay back for the hordes of people who have been robbed of their financial security for the future by the financial industry that just flushed the wealth of America down the toilet.

Your turn now.

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