Saturday :: Sep 20, 2008

GOP Brand in the China Syndrome

by paradox

It’s been noted endlessly this year that we should be seeing a walkover election, the economy stinks with two losing wars while healthcare and global warming rage unabated--just to start a very long list of what’s gone horribly wrong--but if the Grand Old Party Republican brand was in tatters before last week what happened on the Street Friday glowed it red hot and crisped it an orgy of fiery greed, mismanagement and abuse, it burned a vivid hole in the ground and has dropped completely out of sight in a descent to hell.

The Republican brand has suffered from inveterate liars who commit treason upon CIA agents, from watching a major city drown and blaming the victims, losing the Iraq war built on nothing but a foundation of filthy lies, choking the country in debt, groping the German Prime Minister, killing Americans with no health care and trotting out an endless pervert parade, yes, but everyone always knew no matter what happened Republicans always took care of the rich boys on the Street, they always got their money.

Now to hell with the free market and the invisible gentle capitalist hand of Jesus, the hell with the market rules, the hell with anything we said we believed in, to save us all the country must instantly cough up hundreds of billions to save some of the most rapacious, cosseted rich Republicans the world has ever seen, we the people have to save these idiots who screamed for lower taxes and no regulations and have now completely screwed it up! Again!

Way to go, Grand Old Party. Before this week it seemed utterly impossible something else could yet again blow up in our faces to smash us into crisis mode again but y’all pulled it off perfectly. Anything else? Really. Americans are intelligent, mature adults, just because you drove them out of your party doesn’t mean the rest of the country regressed with you, any information on the next humiliating disaster would be mighty welcome, planning is good, the next time it’s screamed at us to cough up half a trillion dollars in three days we’d like to think about it a little.

Citizens of Silicon Valley were sorely disappointed to learn yesterday the latest firebrand savior of the Republican brand, one Sarah Palin, had cancelled her trip, we were so looking forward to a little chat. It’s slowing dawning on our DC dullard journalism corps what an offensive reeking disaster the choice of Palin has become, but I’m not quite sure it’s become clear to Ms. Palin.

San Jose, California, sure as hell isn’t Alaska, Ms. Palin, we use our brains every day here, and this isn’t the San Francisco Chronicle [“…always includes the claim, widely disputed by newspapers…”], we’ll call you the liar you are right to your face and demand answer as to why our daughters have to hear explanations that, well, Republican Americans lie stupidly, repeatedly, because they have no respect for themselves or us. That’s the America they walk every day, really.

No, we’re not Carla Marinucci, we won’t leave out the little details about hubby Todd giving the finger to a subpoena and the rule of law, why you think aerial wolf hunting is just fine and that incredulous tale of charging for rape kits when you were mayor.

We don’t enable folks out here, Ms. Palin, the body of America isn’t the corpus of Disney and Bear Stearns. Just because the San Francisco Chronicle keeps trying will never make it so, we want to know and will damn get answers about why you think the cornerstone of our Democracy, the rule of law, can be shit upon. Why blasting wolves out of the sky with scoped rifles is a fine idea. Why your town charged for rape kits when you were mayor.

It turns out that Sarah Palin personifies the GOP brand: furtive, lying, incompetent, utterly contemptuous to the people. It manifests itself in the horror of Iraq, the abuse of our people and the warming of our planet, Sarah Palin can go run and hide and but there is no escape from the truth, none, not answering questions won’t stop the nuclear meltdown of the Republican brand right in front of us.

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