Sunday :: Sep 21, 2008

Truth in Tatters

by paradox

I was grimly wry last week (if there is such an emotion) at the news from Eric Boehlert that our little television “journalists” are in a complete snit because they’re calling a politician an outright liar and John McCain could care less, he and Sarah Palin spit out lies with energizer bunny efficiency no matter how many times the lies are called out by “seething” quacks like Chris Mathews. Surprise surprise, when you abuse the truth for a decade it’s no wonder anybody trusts you to be an advocate for it.

Ratings, advertising, and obsequious groveling to corporate masters have overtaken the frontal lobes of our “journalism” corps, they lost the capability for memory long ago, and although many claim a university education History is completely absent in absorption of worldview, so perhaps an extremely cursory examination of the media’s gross abuse of the truth in the last ten years will, just maybe, smash into their rockhead consciousness why no one gives a damn when they correctly call John McCain a liar.

1998 was the start of a nauseous process of trying to take down a President for lying about his sex life. Unless one is in possession of an authoritarian political worldview where the truth matters not a damn thing as long as we keep our money and people do as they’re told the whole episode was grossly offensive, repugnant and endless, a human’s sex life is nobody’s god damn business but their own. The truth was that the Gingrich opposition was as sexually promiscuous, unfaithful and perverted as they come, but that little part got left out until it was far too late.

2000 heralded a national election where the “journalism” corps went berserk and bought hook, line and sinker the rightwing noise machine’s propaganda that the square, wonkish Al Gore was a liar. Al Gore never said he invented the internet, he said he was instrumental in the creation of its structure, which Gingrich has confirmed. Out of whole cloth insipid, stupid fabricated stories of Love Canal and Love Story were passed on as the truth and viciously repeated, day after day, week after week.

Al Gore had just undergone the classic Rovian flip, when your candidate has a weakness (of course George Bush was a known serial liar in 2000) project it onto your opponent, so our yapping little sheep “journalists” ignored the budget lies of Bush in the debates and fixated with a sickening juvenile immaturity on how Gore reacted to it: sighs matters.

This sterling defense and embrace of Truth of course heralded in the worst president of all time, George Bush, such an inveterate liar and failure he’s shattered all modern unpopularity ratings, even those of Truman and Carter, but the we never anticipated planes flying into buildings Saddam has WMD Kerry faked his war medals enabling “journalism” corps has enabled him the entire time, accepting lies verbatim and projecting pure propaganda that would make any authoritarian regime on the planet very proud indeed.

After the truth has been completely ignored and abused for ten years it should come as completely no surprise that the succeeding Republican candidate, watching the propaganda and enabling the entire time, would instantly turn to lying on a dime whenever the impulse hit his authoritarian brain, and with McCain’s incredibly stupid mistake of not vetting the vice presidential candidate (a Cheney clone doofus and constant liar herself) it became a screaming necessity in a desperate attempt to maintain any kind of credibility, in any political dimension.

After this sickening, degrading, abusive history of obliteration and disregard for one of the most precious and critical elements to human survival, Truth, our little propagandists on television are shocked, just shocked I tell you, when for whatever twisted reasons that tweaked out of their reptilian brains they decided a truth tirade was necessary and nobody gives a shit. All one can say is that if they’re stupid enough to enable lying for ten years then they’ll still be stupid enough to be surprised nobody trusts them.

The sudden truth tirade has been described as a good thing, a phenomena akin to puppy training that bloggers should encourage and praise. Unfortunately the screams of the dead and the wounded have not left my consciousness, no, nor have any of the other horrors of the Bush presidency, and if these yapping propaganda “journalists” of ours are so critical to the democracy they nonetheless have still earned utter scorn and disgust for fifty generations, and deserve nothing, nothing at all.

If you want to get lied to, watch television. If you want to watch some lying clowns get in an absurd snit because nobody trusts a liar calling someone else a liar, watch television.

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