Wednesday :: Sep 24, 2008

Signs of Life

by paradox

The bloated, moribund corpus of American democracy twitched and flickered yesterday, actually showing promise of something close to vitality: Democrats in Congress got a backbone, demanding accountability and regulation for the absurd Big Ripoff, while the “journalism” corps, finally humiliated and degraded enough, staged somewhat of a revolt. They didn’t get what would legitimize them (a Palin press conference) but they pushed the McCain campaign around fairly well.

This is not a functional democracy, Andrew Sullivan recently sputtered at the complete inability of the American “journalism” corps to get Palin to answer questions. Well no shit, Andrew, it’s been flat on its back ever since the Supreme Court stole the 2000 election for Bush, he and Cheney have done everything they can to poison it even further since then.

While the “journalism” corps cheered them on or looked the other way, and to this day legitimize the McCain-Palin ticket in ways that are in no way warranted, the whole Republican ticket is a lying joke. If anyone doubts it look at this Palin “energy expert” quote she spit out when a reporter lobbed in a question on the fly last week:

"Oil and coal? Of course, it's a fungible commodity and they don't flag, you know, the molecules, where it's going and where it's not.”

That’s why McCain is desperate to keep this complete rockhead doofus away from any reporter, a few more quotes like that in these serious dire times and the whole ticket will come crashing down, the country has simply had it with idiots who cannot speak English as candidates. This one is also an inveterate liar, it’s beyond ludicrous, it’s grossly insulting to the heritage and integrity of the United States.

So is the Big Ripoff, and out of the Congressional boil of this screamingly unpalatable insult flung at country yesterday came an admirable Democratic question: where is John McCain’s position on paying off billionaires? Rightly panicked, the McCain campaign has lashed out and flip-flopped for a week, but immense pressure is soon to be brought to bear that he choose a side, and McCain will not back Bush and Paulson on a $700 billion orgy of looting and theft.

As I stated yesterday, the precise economic mechanisms Congress may or may not have the power to implement are completely irrelevant, the proposal is totally politically unpalatable. The American people are rightly furious at another incredible stinking mess and the bailout smacks of socialism and Big Government in a way completely unacceptable to modern Republicans, this is not about blowing up little countries or torturing Arabs, they’ll never endorse it.

Furthermore, as was pointed out endlessly yesterday, nobody trusts anyone in the Bush administration in any sense, not even to feed the cat, and it’s impossible to re-build that trust given the ridiculous demands of the ripoff and the insulting demand that action be instant. Now or never? Never then, bitches, we haven’t forgotten all the other lies that turned out to be disasters, where Congressional action could not wait a minute.

It may very well be so this distrust inflicts more tragedy upon the country, but reality cannot be changed on a whim. When you lie to the American people for eight years the point has finally been reached where no trust is ever granted again, no matter how loudly we’re screamed at the crisis is real this time. Deal with it, no bailout, so sorry.

This is another Pearl Harbor, billionaire Warren Buffet said this morning. I and many Americans don’t appreciate equating a sneak attack that devastated so many capital ships and killed so many little people to a self-inflicted orgy of greed we have to somehow bail you out of, asshole. I am so sorry, Warren dear, the Republican Party you’ve always voted for has spent 20 years fostering anti-intellectualism and barbs at the snotty elites, and now you’re going to pay for it.

That is the overriding message in all this insanity and confusion: it’s time to pay. There is no bailout heaven that will keep poor John Cole Comrade Cole, there is no magic formula for earning trust and confidence at the hands of lying crooks, and there is no magical future where everything will be all right. It’s supremely sad that signs of life in the Democracy may in fact inflict more damage in the short term, something intelligent should be done, but there is no way to do it, none, and whatever bill is due in the future the United States is simply going to have to endure and pay.

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