Thursday :: Sep 25, 2008

Fate of Debates Unknown

by paradox

In an unreal turn of events yesterday McCain “suspended” his campaign, yet as a man of honor is at this moment campaigning at the Clinton Global Initiative. Part of the “suspension” is a flabbergasting proposal to delay tomorrow night’s debate, and the McCain campaign has threatened not to show up at Ole Miss if the screaming monstrosity ripoff bailout plan is not passed by Friday. Tomorrow.

Reading the Washington Post, the New York Times and the blogs there is no clear indication if the debate is on tomorrow or not, there seems to be a consensus of waiting on the outrageous claim of actually canceling an American presidential political debate.

I feel ill, physically and politically. Absolute childish clowns have overtaken the Republican party, they act as if the fate of the United States was a game of Parcheesi. Children can come up with better lies, rationalizations and excuses than they do, seriously.

Incredibly, though, Obama and the Democrats actually take the bailout seriously, it’s all hustle hustle hustle for Mr. 19% War for Lies Bankrupt the Country Bush. I simply despair, our political and fiscal structures have been smashed beyond recognition, the little people lied to and forced to pay yet again. So much better just to do nothing and let the Republicans twist for it, it’s not hard, Jesus.

We’ll find out if there’ll be a debate tomorrow soon. It doesn’t look good.

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