Thursday :: Sep 25, 2008

Rocket Science

by Turkana

Lots of people I greatly respect, from Glenn Greenwald to dday, are wondering aloud whether Sarah Palin is an ignoramus or whether she is carefully avoiding revealing her true beliefs. And while I do think there is plenty of the latter going on, it is also now terrifyingly obvious that the former is also true. So, I'll say it: Sarah Palin is an idiot. Steve was right when he immediately recognized her deer-in-the-headlights vacant stare. Because you can see it in her eyes. You can see it in how she struggles to come up with even the most basic evasive answers. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of watching her jaw-dropping interviews is that you can actually see her thinking. Or trying to think. And it is not pretty.

There is a pervasive myth in the corporate media that Bush is actually much smarter than he seems. The rationale, such as it is, insists that because he has clever Machiavellian political instincts, there's something deeper and more sophisticated going on than most people realize. But what the purveyors of this drivel don't realize is that they, themselves, are not particularly smart. At its most base level- which is the level on which Bush, McCain, Palin, and the entire ratfucking Rovian Republican paradigm operate- the level of a sewer- politics is actually pretty simple. It requires a fierce lust for power and attention, but no more intellectual nuance than does playground bullying. It's not about issues or ideas, it's about knocking heads against walls and making people bleed. And that's what this brand of politics has given us- a president, and now a nominee for vice-president, with the intelligence, maturity, and capacity for greatness of generic playground bullies.

Sarah Palin is an idiot. It's okay to say it. Because it's true.

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