Saturday :: Sep 27, 2008

Such A Mean Old Man

by Turkana

John McCain is unhinged. The first clue was the utter irrationality and outrageous irresponsibility of selecting the moron Sarah Palin as his running mate. Then came the bizarre sequence of events, last week, in which he tried to squirrel out of the debate by claiming a need to rush back to Washington to resolve the financials crisis. Except that he didn't rush back to Washington. And once there, he didn't resolve anything. His input was minimal, and what there was of it was mostly obstructionist. Then, having helped block a resolution to the crisis, he backed off his threat to not show up for the debate unless the crisis had been resolved. There was neither consistency nor coherency to any of it. He's not improvising, he's staggering. The man is melting down. In public.

But last night was McCain's finest hour. He came across as petty and nasty. He was condescending while also being dishonest and wrong. McCain did not prove himself a wise elder, he proved himself a bitter old man who lacks the temperament and decency to lead anyone anywhere, much less the most powerful nation on the planet through what certainly will be a very troubled four years. Cleaning up the messes left by the Bush Administration will require so much intelligence and patience and maturity, and John McCain has conclusively proved he has little of any of that. His career is spiraling to an ignominious end. It's time for him to go back to Arizona, where he can enjoy his declining years, kicking dogs and yelling at children.

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