Sunday :: Sep 28, 2008

Pitchfork Principals

by paradox

News out of Washington, DC, via the New York Times is that there are “…no unresolved open issues for principals” to bailing out the financial industry, a statement that means precisely nothing except that, yet again, Pelosi and Reid unthinkingly and automatically hopped to it when the worst felon war criminal liar President the United States has ever seen demanded action, no matter how stupid, pernicious, offensive, and rushed it had to be.

It’s totally impossible to discern any truthful or meaningful details to the current reeking monstrosity. Anonymous sources habitually lie to the New York Times as easily as our public officials, and Congressional leaders were so desperate to keep real details from leaking out they actually confiscated the Blackberry’s of all aides in the legislative chaos. Little people can look at that and the line that in the end, lawmakers and the administration opted to leave the decision to the next president and instantly know they now have seen the worst Congress of all time to go along with all their fond memories of Little Boots.

It’s possible to hold hearings and debate the giveaway of who knows how many billions of dollars we don’t have to rapacious obnoxious liars, to take action that actually embraces truth and responsibility, but our leaders would prefer to hide behind quotes of “principals” to explain to the little people what the hell is going on. In the end the details won’t matter, Americans know full well they’ve been screwed when officials proclaim they’ve reached an agreement but won’t say what it is.

Certainly one of the most galling elements for partisan Democrats of the American propaganda enablement of president Bush is the complete media denial and shutout of how deeply unpopular he is. Bush is the worst…president…of…all…time who has recently shattered every modern polling record for approval from the public, yet the fact is blown to the winds along with every other possible element of bad news for Bush in the laughable “journalism” shops of Disney, Viacom and General Electric. Clinton was mercilessly hounded and his every possible move in the 2000 campaign endlessly pored over, but Little Boots is just blithely ignored.

The enablement has had a terribly pernicious effect of insulating Congress from the furious reality of how angry Americans are with Bush and Washington, DC. We’re losing two wars (one a heinous stinking crime of incredible magnitude), drowning in debt, loathed by the rest of world community, horribly abuse our people with no health care, lousy wages and unemployment on a warming planet yet Congress gives away hundreds of billions to greedy liars without a hearing! For the worst president of all time!

It’s no secret I’ve been politically furious ever since the Supreme Court stole the election for Bush in 2000, I was positive it was a total disaster any fascist would be thrilled with and have since been proved completely right as the worst president of all time let 9/11 happen on his watch, gave us another Vietnam in Iraq, busted the country financially, ignored health care and global warming while blithely watching New Orleans drown.

At times it seemed like a lonely position but certainly no longer, when the real details of the financial industry bailout finally emerge no matter what they are a vast majority of Americans are going to be white hot mad, livid to yet again have to pay for the transgressions of obscenely rich fuckups. Good lord, millions of Americans are on the street from busted mortgages but Congress could never hop to it to save them?

President Bush, Congressional Leaders Reid & Pelosi, Treasury officials Paulson & Bernanke, know like the sun rises the rest of country has sure has hell caught up with me, chuck that filthy propaganda television worldview out of your rockheads and finally realize you induce fierce disgust and loathing by all Americans, how we all fervently hope to hell we never have to saddled with such stupid lying disastrous leadership again.

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