Sunday :: Sep 28, 2008

John McCain Understands

by Turkana

The surge is working.

Agence France-Presse:

At least 29 people were killed in a spate of bombings in Baghdad on Sunday, including three attacks which struck as Iraqis marked the end of the daily Ramadan fast, security officials said.

We're winning the war on terror.

Associated Press:

A Pakistani official says militants mounted multiple overnight strikes on security forces near the Afghan border.

Iqbal Khattak, a government official in Bajur, said Sunday that troops repulsed three overnight attacks on their positions.


As Afghanistan's most senior and most famous female police officer, based in the country's ultra-conservative south, Lieut.-Col. Malalai Kakar knew she was a marked woman.

Just this June, the Kandahar detective confirmed that her taboo-shattering career had spawned numerous death threats.

On Sunday, two days after taking part in a Canadian event to mark the end of Islam's holiest month, insurgents grimly confirmed her fears, shooting Kakar dead as she left her house.

The officer's son, who doubled as her driver, was seriously wounded in the ambush, carried out by two men on a motorcycle.

The murder came as the country struggles against worsening insurgent violence, and works to reverse years of female oppression under the former Taliban regime.

"We note the Taliban claim of responsibility for this. It is repugnant," Adrian Edwards, the chief United Nations spokesman in Afghanistan, told Canwest News Service by e-mail.

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