Monday :: Sep 29, 2008

Bailout Bill “Won’t End The Crisis”

by paradox

One reason controversial complex incredibly expensive legislation should not be sprung on Congress right before an election is that it flips the constituent input, voters will not be critical of leadership making a mistake out of loyalty.

One of the reasons I was so upset yesterday is that I knew damn well I could be hurting my Party and my people by being obstreperous and contemptuous with an election so close, but adherence to the truth demanded no other action. Still, it may surprise some people but loyalty, discipline and teamwork are extremely important to me and I hated to do it, I am a good Democrat who helps out.

The ripoff was chucked together too…damn…fast. Not only did a range of economists testify with varying solutions and financing, none of them did. The monstrosity is flatulent with a reeking foul presumption that the taxpayer must pay, which isn’t remotely the true reality.

Well if Uncle Sam pays in five years we can get our money back, the bill says so. Jesus Christ, for the life of me I don’t understand how rational adults can be so irresponsible and in denial, half the country can’t remember what they had for dinner yesterday, not a goddamn soul except sore political geeks who don’t forget are going to be demanding payment for this capitulation to duty in 2013.

It’s the same denial seen in climate change plans with laughable stated accomplishments 20 years out. No one will remember, yes, but the point is that on your watch there is in fact no goal. Five years out is actually the next term of President, my god, not even tied to this election.

I’m extremely fortunate to read an excellent soul and economist twice a week, Paul Krugman, he says the bill won’t end the crisis, suffering from gross flaws totally predictable from the factors outlined above. If in fact the next President still has to truly grapple with all the reality of this incredible cluterfuckastrophe, why do anything at all until in fact he comes into power?

No no no do it now now now. Borrow $350 billion in a rushed horror show that is a total insult to the American legislative process and people. In all the insanity that has barfed out this Congress just tack this one on to the list and move on, somehow.

I’m an extremely loyal Oakland Raiders fan, so those in the know are aware Congress wasn’t the only element in my life yesterday afternoon that had me asking God why, why, motherfucker, why do the puny human players I invest with so much of my energy year after year fail me so?

‘Cause they’re folks, that’s why, just like all of us, and it isn’t as if they wanted any of this to happen. Things could work out better than you think, they often do, and it’s not as if I’ve stamped out the perfection template model of life in my own walk on the planet.

Monday morning, get your ass on the duty mill and do the best you can. Hope the for best, Congress will soon adjourn and the Raiders have a bye week, at least their horrifying inputs will be absent for a while. Help out when you can and hope with a fierce intensity Barack Obama is elected President of the United States, he as President is the only way we could ever possibly get out of this.

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