Monday :: Sep 29, 2008

Stability Starts At The Bottom

by Turkana

Remember the insipidly juvenile Republicans, wagging their purple fingers, at the 2005 State of the Union speech, after the first Bush-backed Iraqi elections? Chickenhawks in diapers cackled with self-satisfied smugness, while the victims of their hubris were half a world away, little caring for such staged hysteria. The war hadn't even begun to approach its most violent phases. Ethnic cleansing was in the process of displacing millions. Tens of thousands were soon to die violent deaths. But the Republicans were celebrating and jumping around and proving to anyone with a shard of consciousness and intelligence that we were a nation ruled by idiots and children.

Well, it should come as no surprise that with the economy in meltdown, the Republicans are at it again. Apparently, some voted against the financial bailout bill not because of its lack of merits, but because they felt Nancy Pelosi was being too mean to them. Time's Michael Scherer quotes Barney Frank:

"Think of this: Somebody hurt my feelings so I am going to punish the country," he said.

I agree with digby, who didn't care for the bill, and who is aghast that the Democratic "leadership" once again got played. And no one should be surprised that Tweety and company are gulping down whatever sewage the Republicans are spewing. But with the entire world in crisis, wouldn't it be nice to have some actual leaders leading, for a change? You know- adults. DemFromCT reveals what McCain has to offer: more political stunts.

The most promising resolution to the crisis I've yet seen begins with this idea, from Hillary Clinton, as blogged by Big Tent Democrat: it's time for the Democrats to get on board with the idea of establishing a modern HOLC. Here's a thought: with the Republican paradigm of trickle-down economics casting us into a once-in-a-century crisis, perhaps it's time to offer something radically different. Like trickle-up economics. Help the people who are losing their homes, and not only would our government be doing the almost unthinkable- focusing on the needs of the people!- but the stability at the bottom just might buttress the entire tottering financial edifice.

Krugman: Ok, we are a banana republic.

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