Tuesday :: Sep 30, 2008

You Can Go To A Soldier’s Funeral Now, Mr. President

by paradox

Reading Anonymous Liberal this morning about the amazing breakdown of Republican Party discipline I suddenly wondered what it must be like to be George Bush, the most unpopular President in modern history, trumpeting a proposal that only got every ordinary citizen even more spitting mad at him. Then his own people brought it all crashing down. No, Mr. President, things haven’t worked out so well. Maybe, just perhaps, with everything in ruins around you it might be receptive time for a new approach, total failure often is, so I’ve got a favor to respectfully request.

A big reason your Party, the economy and the country is so fucked up is that y’all decided Appearance is Everything, we live in the noxious television age of optics, so you’ve never—not once—gone to the funeral of a soldier slain in the line of duty in Iraq. It would look bad, and we couldn’t have that, now could we?

I am respectfully requesting you get your Christian Commander in Chief ass to a funeral immediately, there’s fresh ones every week, easy to fit one in, sir. No, the disgusting stories of you crying in the oval office with military families are not the same thing as attending a funeral.

Watching advanced Christians I’ve always noticed that when something goes wrong with their people they instantly drop everything and rush to be with them. If a funeral occurs it would be unthinkable not to attend; precise behavior means nothing, only the act of presence, of showing up, matters. You purport to be saved by Jesus, sir, but have strayed far.

This ethos of behavior is only greatly magnified by military reality and culture. I know with every atom of my body every general serving in Iraq has gone to a multitude of funerals, to not show up and lend support to your own people after one of them has fallen is beyond unthinkable. As Commander in Chief your own people have gone down, how did it ever penetrate the Republican worldview that this kind of mindboggling disrespect of not showing up for funerals was preferable over the optics of television?

I vividly remember Michael Deaver, foul political architect himself of modern optic politics, scolding you in the 2004 election that not showing up for military funerals “made the President look weak.” Still this horrendous practice was obdurately enforced with appalling stupidity, don’t take my word for it, Mr. President, your own people were right four years ago and nothing has changed.

Well, everything has crashed down in total ruins around you, that’s true, the Democrats soon to get 60 Senate votes along with the House and the Presidency, but appalling lack of character displayed by not showing up for military funerals is still precisely the same, yes.

I never thought much of your father, Mr. President, but after the first Gulf War was over and he’d attended many funerals every night he wrote one or two personal hand-written letters to the parents of the fallen in the war. Careful, long letters with whatever his soul had to offer for his people that day, every day, didn’t matter how long it would take until it was done. He did it, and proved that whatever else had gone wrong he still had the honor to walk the earth as a Christian, Commander in Chief and a man.

If you think things are bad now, Mr. President, wait until the election results are in and everyone is desperate to get your reeking failure out of DC, finally. There’s a long, long way to go to set new searing unpopularity records.

I’m sure this will be an extremely difficult time for you with many thoughts of how to make amends for the incredible mess, so please, sir, trust me, attending a funeral would be very good for you. The country sure could use it, too, sir, it has done no one any good to have a President display such foul dishonor, such reeking abdication of duty, all for the cause of stupid filthy television “optics.” I don’t think writing a letter every day for over 4,000 days is realistic for you, Mr. President, not really, but attending ten or twenty military funerals before January is.

At least it would be one less stain of dishonor, one less disgusting horrifying element of modern American politics put to rest. Nothing at all has worked, sir, the optics don’t matter anymore, for god’s sake be a man and a President before you leave office, just once, sir, please.

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