Wednesday :: Oct 1, 2008

Something Outrageous

by paradox

It’s been with varying degrees of amusement that I’ve watched proponents of the Wall Street Bailout turn different shades of purple since the House rejected the insanity, the bludgeoning clubs have come out to smash into citizen consciousness that we must do something, we must do something! Now. Now now now.

Feelings have been hurt, old friendships foolishly torn asunder, blogger blood pressure rising alarmingly, while the Senate obdurately plows ahead with the insanity anyway, the President and the Candidates and the Speaker and the Treasury and bloggers still stamping their feet and yelling at us we must do something!

No. The answer from the little people is no, will always be no, and in the spirit of calm understanding, rationality and safe blood pressure I’ll try to explain why this sickening outrage will never be accepted by the public.

When Cindy Sheehan had to watch the body of her son lowered to the tarmac at SFO in a cardboard box, his brothers and sisters weeping around her, where was the sense of urgency to stop this now now now? Tens of millions of American lives have been utterly wrecked in terrible pain and abuse from no health care, but where is the bill to fix that now now now? The steelhead vanished, then the salmon, followed by the rock cod on a relentlessly baking planet, but is there urgency to fix any of that? Well?

Dire warnings of catastrophe only make us more angry and disgusted in our fierce determination never to see this pass. It’s true that Bush has cried wolf to the point of maddening absurdity, but the invocation of fear is also backfiring. It never worked a millisecond with me, but much of the rest of America has caught up and is utterly sick of being goaded through fear, for the love of god wussies won’t get us out of this.

The abhorrent arrogance of the proposal was astounding: no oversight, figures of incredible scope literally pulled out of thin air, CEO’s walking away with tens of millions all on the taxpayer tab, Treasury a new King in the shreds of the Constitution. Details have since come to light on the slimy, stupid rationalizations of the actual end product of the bill that only produce rage: “Oh don’t worry about your money, CEO’s, we’re lying, of course you’ll still get all of it.”

Another race car in the red fact was the incredibly lame claim was the taxpayer would get all the money back after the looting was over. It’s really amazing how stupid our leaders take us to be, a board of Wall Street types would determine if losses would be need to be re-imbursed. In five years.

Thanks for lying to us again about the CEO pay and getting our money back. It does so much in building trust when being yelled at to do something! Now now now.

The politics of our dysfunctional Democracy in this episode scream caution and reek of the worst sort of backstabbing and betrayal. House Republicans were and are itching to club anyone who votes for it, Speaker Pelosi looks like a fawning handmaiden to Satan, and when push came to shove enough Democrats with their seats on the line in 34 days couldn’t stomach it either. How heartening it is to see the will of the people in America so respected by our leaders and righteous bloggers, forget that Democracy bullshit, do something!

This disgusting, sickening Wall Street bailout cannot be rammed down the throat of the country in a vacuum, the context of our current politics, culture and leadership make it impossible. President War Felon, Speaker Pelosi and many bloggers are going to try and force it anyway, brutally smashing a square bailout bill through a round hole of political reality.

It can certainly be done, but such an action will naturally create a lot of lasting damage and a fierce wave of rage in the little people. I’ve got a message for the proponents of this insanity if they actually get it: yes, you got something, all right, a tsunami of outrage, and you have no idea what the hell will happen if it in fact comes to pass. Enormous forces of incredible risk are involved, and the idea anyone can look at the little people and state they know what they’re doing with this only makes us madder.

We need a new President and Congress, nothing of these current institutions is trusted, nothing. The answer to the bailout is No, January is the only time that makes sense in politically attempting a solution. The economic effects of this could be horrific, make no mistake, but it can’t be fixed on the fly by offensive idiots who propose the politically impossible. That is the reality of our America, and we’re just going to have to deal with the pain.

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