Friday :: Oct 3, 2008

What The Newspapers Said

by Turkana

A lot of newspapers had good editorials about last night's debate, and I particularly liked the New York Times:

In the end, the debate did not change the essential truth of Ms. Palin's candidacy: Mr. McCain made a wildly irresponsible choice that shattered the image he created for himself as the honest, seasoned, experienced man of principle and judgment. It was either an act of incredible cynicism or appallingly bad judgment.

And the San Francisco Chronicle:

As striking as the contrast was, it was telling that Biden - unlike McCain, in his debate with Barack Obama - never felt compelled to deride his debate opponent as inexperienced or naive or reckless.

It wasn't necessary. Americans could see the difference for themselves.

But the Los Angeles Times, in an editorial that didn't like anything about the debate, had the best single line:

Palin has every right to be considered an everywoman; no one can deny how average she is.
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