Wednesday :: Oct 8, 2008

Open Thread

by Mary

Tonight's joke: What's the difference between a Lehman Brothers investment banker and a pigeon? A pigeon still can make a deposit on a Ferrari.

Your turn now.

Update (from Soto at 9:44 PM Pacific): The first post debate polls from CNN and CBS both showed Obama winning, and some of the punditry's initial reaction was negative towards McCain as well. McCain did better than I predicted, but when you are coming up off the floor, that isn't saying much. As several pundits noted tonight, if McCain was going to knife Obama with personal attacks upon his character to cement into place the Palin smear narrative, he got weak-kneed and punted. This not only hangs Palin out to dry as a bomb thrower, but makes it impossible for McCain to do so in the last debate next week without looking like a desperate last-ditch erratic old man.

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