Wednesday :: Oct 15, 2008

Debate Thread

by Turkana

I'll be away from my computer, but there is only one question about tonight's debate: how will John McCain decide to go out?

It is likely that, other than his concession speech, this will be the last time ever McCain will appear before a national television audience. Will he decide to salvage some semblance of class and decency, or will he humiliate himself by trying to burn down the stage?

Update: First post-debate poll, by CNN, has Obama winning big, his favorables improving, and McCain's favorables falling. McCain should have taken more metamucil this afternoon. He was, as always, angry and condescending. A nasty man. This race is over.

Tonight's unexpected drinking phrase turned out to be "Joe the Plumber."

Update #2 (by Soto): CBS has it for Obama as well, with him winning uncommitted voters tonight by a 53%-22% margin. But McCain did win one poll tonight, where the CNN poll showed that viewers thought McCain spent more time attacking than Obama by an 80%-7% margin. Nonetheless, the pundits are declaring McCain the winner.

Update #3 (by Turkana): Jeralyn points out that Joe the Plumber has a little bigotry problem. I'm guessing McCain is as proud of him as he is of Palin and his other supporters.

Not that I want to help McCain, and not that anyone could, but- it's time someone clued him in that creepy extremists don't sell, this year.

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