Wednesday :: Oct 15, 2008

Open Thread -- Obama-McCain Debate 3

by Mary

Obama is a much better person that I am because, boy, I would have had a much harder time keeping my cool in that debate. (Conservative rot has taken over my brain as I find myself swearing way too much when listening to Right-wing liars.)

When McCain talked about Obama taking money from Joe the Plumber, my thought was, well, not really, we'd just like to get back our fair share that had been diverted to your wife and your multimillionaire friends over the past decade. And I wondered why the noble John McCain hasn't refused the "socialistic" medicine he got as Senator. After all he, unlike most people, could afford to pay for his own care.

And then again when Obama talked about the health of the mother exception, I would have turned to McCain and asked him whether he would be willing to let his wife die if she had a terrible pregnancy in the third trimester. After all, that is what the law against abortion with no exceptions would have required.

When John McCain reflects on why he lost this election to his oh-so-unworthy challenger, he might spend sometime reflecting on the reason so many conservatives (his natural allies) gave on why they could not support him: namely his decision to select Sarah Palin as his running mate. It was that decision that cost him the votes of many thoughtful conservatives and it was that decision that destined him to lose and lose big.

Nobody stole the election from John McCain. He gave it away himself with his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Putting the country first? Not hardly.

What did you think?

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