Friday :: Oct 17, 2008

Defense Spending is Still Government Spending

by paradox

The election isn’t even over yet but already the fiscal and government spending dialogue for 2009 is trying to be gelled by the elites in New York and Washington DC, Mr. Nobel Krugman this morning quite naturally the gallant and correct Keynesian, spending wisely and benevolently among the little people to pump more fuel into a sputtering economic engine.

Before long, though, deficit hawks are sure to swoop in with cries of fiscal sanity, we got drunk with Bush and the federal books the last eight years and now it’s time to clean up the mess. The liberal community has seen this gross hypocrisy before when Bill Clinton was elected, all of a sudden wanton irresponsibility was replaced with an ironclad dictum to balance the books.

Social spending doesn’t just deliver economic stimulus, it’s a very effective investment in Party and votes, of course the Republicans know it, and thus have always fiercely fought it. The Keynesians lost in 1992, one of the reasons I’ve always described Bill Clinton as a nice moderate Republican president.

How does a nation become a military super-power on steroids? Possessing a Navy of crushing power and range (the size of the US Marine Corps air force, a branch of the Navy, is greater than that of the United Kingdom), an incredible nuclear deterrent invested in every branch of the services, a huge air force and a nimble small army stuffed with every expensive piece of hardware it can carry and shoot.

The spending required for that kind of defense structure requires plain green dollars just like building bridges, but another requirement for being the greatest military power on earth is denial about it. Somehow it become totally unclear to the American people—in a blizzard of numbers, lies and quack economics—exactly the costs of that incredible military machine.

Not only that, it isn’t even questioned anymore, a nauseating silence is our normal stance in the potential face of ranting, sneering media and political types that Democrats are wussies who can’t buy weapons of death for “security.” Lot of good that “security” does our people when our children are dying from no health care.

Well here at The Left Coaster that utter bullshit will never fly, if the nation has to have an extremely serious fiscal discussion for 2009 then the Department of Defense will god damn be on the table. Get out of Iraq, save ten billion a month, we’ll take a 10% shave off that move for the Department of Education, thank you so much. Cut the Navy and the Air Force 20% and take 5% of that for the Department of Transportation, that’s right.

The political mindset for the necessary political fighting to implement that sweet sanity might, just possibly, come about from a crushing Democratic victory this November and an equally oppressive recession bearing down on us right now. Obviously the conditions do not exist now even to broach the subject, a depressing phenomena that has got to change, somehow.

Defense spending is government spending. Yes, it really is. We can cut a lot of that too.

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