Friday :: Oct 17, 2008

Friday Blogaround

by paradox

I don’t think Melissa McEwan of Shakesville will mind that I use her term for good blog links, blogaround. “Link dump” is another term I’ve seen for good things to read by bloggers; it used to be a much more widespread internet tradition for bloggers to share good work and I have no idea why it’s faded, it helps other bloggers with exposure and placement in search engines.

In any event, here we go with a Friday blogaround:
  • Taegan Goddard: Republicans are about to undergo the rare historical event of getting the unholy shit beat out of them twice in a row.
  • Glennzilla: Corporate media will always enable McCain no matter how much of the country loathes him and the Republican Party.
  • Anonynous Liberal: Voter fraud is not an issue in the United States.
  • Booman: The Obama ground game will be the real crusher in the election.
Have a great Friday afternoon, everyone.

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