Sunday :: Oct 19, 2008

What Victory Looks Like

by paradox

Not one Democrat alive after eight years of George Bush is going to become overconfident or let up in the next 18 days, but the signs are unmistakable for an Obama rout in the presidential race and Democratic Party victory everywhere. In the last 12 hours we’ve learned:
  • The Obama campaign raised a jaw-dropping $150 million for September, a number I still find difficult to comprehend, especially since the average contribution was well below $100. For the first time in my life a Democrat will have a significant monetary advantage in the Presidential race, my God, change is here, it happened.
  • North Dakota, of all places, flipped to tossup last night, just another state on a long list of once reliably red boundaries that John McCain cannot afford to lose, even with just 3 electoral votes. I share Tristero’s profound unease at Hullabaloo as the national tracking polls have “traditionally tightened” in the last three days but the electoral college map still shows smashing Obama victory.
  • One of the big dogs from a sleazy stupid era soon to be over, Colin Powell, endorsed Barack Obama this morning. Personally I don’t find Powell credible in any sense, but the endorsement certainly could not hurt, another satisfying nail in the Republican coffin of Election 2008.
All of this will certainly discourage McCain and the Republicans, and as I say, nothing will keep the Democrats from cruising, it’s how crushing victory happens.

It will also help me keep my spirits up as I turn my labors over to our little house for the rest of the day. Yesterday was a lazy day’n tomorrow is Monday, now is the time for cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, vacuuming the house and washing a car. Oh joy.

I’ll try to check in after the Raiders lose. Please have a wonderful Sunday, everyone.

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