Monday :: Oct 20, 2008

I’ll Be Driving for a While

by paradox

Steve is at a slot in his career that demands 100% of his time and attention and I’m in spot in mine where I can afford to be a blogger, in my way, so I’ll be the daytime editor of The Left Coaster for, well, a long time, until next Spring at least.

Everything is fine at work, thanks, my boss knows about my blogging and is fine with it. Yes, I’m very fortunate.

For those who don’t know I am an old school FDR little people liberal in a tragically militarized, profoundly un-equal society. I’m angry about what’s been done to our country the last eight years and I’ve committed the rest of my life to make sure it never happens again.

I was quiet over the weekend, humbled and scared knowing Day 1 was just around the corner. I’ll never be as good as Steve or Turkana, no, but I can try just as hard.

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