Monday :: Oct 20, 2008

Declining Oil Prices Not a Good Thing

by paradox

It’s been described as a “silver lining” as the economy dives down the tubes that the price of oil plummets along with it, but it’s equally bad news, the disastrous hidden costs of oil and gasoline should make it far more expensive than its current price at the pump.

This is what the those cheese-eating European socialists have been doing for decades, by the way, by taxing gasoline heavily they kept the current account from going all to hell, from development that produced only endless strip-mall suburbia, from absurd geopolitical reliance on an extremely unstable region, and creating strong disincentives to producing global warming emissions.

The internal combustion gasoline engine sucks, it’s dangerous and foolish!

I want my electric car, I’m getting an electric scooter for Christmas. In 36 months I’ll hopefully have a solar roof, and in 15 days I get to vote for an electric supertrain from LA to SF. Dependence on foreign oil is only half the issue, we have to stop utilizing oil entirely.

No, not by utilizing liquid coal instead, Jesus. Solar and electricity are our future, the sooner we embrace it the better.

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