Tuesday :: Oct 21, 2008

Rachel Maddow Doing Very Well On MSNBC

by paradox

Happy good news arrives for the liberal community this morning via the New York Times: Rachell Maddow has doubled the past audience size with her slot on MSNBC, blazing a ratings trail not seen before.

As many readers know I consider television political journalism to be insidious, dangerous propaganda to be avoided at all costs, so I have only seen her show once (by chance) but I was still very impressed with her intelligence and positive wit. Finally, for once, television was smart, funny, and had memory, so perhaps I will watch again someday.

I’m also going to have to shimmy into my conciousness that the American broadcast industry is no longer a corporate propaganda monolith, Keith Olbermann has also been doing well for quite some time now. Still, I don’t trust television news a whit and will always use the internet for almost all of my political inputs.

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