Tuesday :: Oct 21, 2008

The Democrats Need the Military For…?

by paradox

Over at Hullabaloo the incomparable heroine Digby cites a “non-scientific” poll (meaning anyone who wanted to could stuff the results) from the Military Times that the US military overwhelmingly supports McCain as being “a problem.” Ezra Klein of The American Prospect writes that Democrats have a problem in “re-knitting” their relationship to the military.

Assume that the military is indeed overwhelmingly opposed to Obama, and that the relationship between the military services and Democrats can never be re-knitted. So?

Well, Democrats should obviously have credibility in military judgments, but simply having a cadre of generals or the services disagreeing with you means nothing. These were the same four-stars, after all, who told us the war in Iraq was so necessary. The public doesn’t have any special regard to the opinions of the military, certainly not enough to base military policy upon, there’s nothing to fear from the political wrath of the services.

The military is pre-disposed toward the Republican Party because they lavishly fund and support whatever they can for the military, and given the slightest chance will use it, no matter the lies or horror of innocent maiming and death.

The military is pre-disposed to be opposed the Democratic Party because we don’t believe blowing the shit out of it is the solution to every possible foreign policy problem, and our expenditure of insanity in military affairs robs us of a real progressive agenda like urban renewal, health care, and education.

The military won’t ever favor the Democratic Party, nor should Democrats ever worry about it. Terrorism isn’t a problem the military can solve, just say so and cut the DOD budget by a third. The world won’t end and Democrats won’t stop winning elections.

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