Wednesday :: Oct 22, 2008

Another Bad Day for McCain/Palin

by paradox

It’s been a long seven weeks since the Republican convention for John McCain, with poor debate performances, sliding poll numbers, a haphazard campaign (to put it charitably) and an imploding economy spreading dark gloom through the McCain campaign and numerous high-profile defections from Republican ranks.

Today was another tough one for the Arizona Senator, with disastrous news that Sarah Palin, champion of Joe Plumber and the little guy (cough) was lavished with $150,000 worth of clothes from the RNC for the campaign. How sensitive Republicans are to the needs of the country and their politics, my my my.

Then the McCain campaign “panicked” and "freaked out" with the news that Al Qaeda would prefer John McCain to win the Presidency. It’s isn’t hard to see why, McCain would play into their hands as stupidly as Bush has. Instead of just ignoring it the inept campaign of McCain only magnified the embarrassment and contradicted themselves, way to go on the cool leadership there, guys.

Finally the DOW had another terrible day, losing 514 points (5.7%). The DOW is a ridiculous indicator to watch every day for economic health, but the fact remains that the public at large still watches it closely and it is relevant to people’s retirement. On huge loss days like this any message from any Republican is simply going to get wiped out, people want answers on the economy and responsibility for the disaster, not lame rationalizations about why Al Qaeda really doesn’t want McCain to win.

The public clearly holds the Republican Party responsible for the economic mess, and it’s suffocating the McCain candidacy. Poor John, feel like you’re drowning? Have an anvil!

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