Thursday :: Oct 23, 2008

Sarah Palin: International punchline

by Erin Alecto

Rachel Maddow wondered aloud tonight whether Sarah Palin was angling for top o' the ticket in 2012, and though I believe Palin thinks she'll have a chance at the presidency, if she lands anything more prestigious than a Fox gig filling in for Malkin who's filling in for O'Reilly, I'll be surprised. Rachel said that Palin is the closest thing to a base-magnet as the Republicans can manage right now, which rings partially true. It's fairly obvious the Party is in disarray, and the only cohesive interest group, at this point, is the evangelicals. Palin is one of their own and they'll be sticking with her long after she's shed McCain after the election. It's obvious Palin's core supporters could do without him, just as the last few conservatives appear to loathe Palin. As conservatives start rebuilding the Republican Party, I think there's a good possibility that Palin may serve to peel off the evangelicals from a GOP that suddenly finds them too extreme for their new image, whatever that might be. In my opinion, by 2012, people will be saying, "Sarah who?"

via RustbeltDemocrat

Update: Great minds, yadda.

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