Friday :: Oct 24, 2008

Mormon Church Marries Karl Rove

by paradox

What do I know of the Mormon church? Not much. There was a thriving Mormon community in the smallish town I grew up in: white families with many children, clean-living, close-knit, seemingly tolerant, hard-working folks with some vaguely funny habits, the only pertinent one that you’re never getting a date with those often beautiful Mormon girls. Since then my threadbare store of knowledge has only been enlarged by watching a segment on the Mormon church by PBS’s American Experience.

A nice story of an extremely faithful church with some extremist tenets they basically successfully shed to become mainstream. Yet out of the blue these nice no coffee no booze folks wed Karl Rove at the political altar and became instant rampant bigots against the homosexual community, frantically trying to convey that if gay marriage is legal in California the Mormon gods will send us to hell or something.

They’ve spent millions of dollars saturating the airwaves with filthy dishonest fear-mongering that children will be harmed in all this. Last night totally confirmed reports came in the Yes on 8 campaign tried to extort 30 companies that had donated to No on 8, a mafia goon trick not even Karl Rove would have dared to try. All of a sudden a church I could comfortably slot as not my business is very, very much my business indeed.

I fiercely love and protect my gay family members, friends, Episcopal priest, and brothers’n sisters in the liberal community. What they demand harms no one, is no one’s business but theirs and is the sanctioned law of the land. An effort of rank bigotry and discrimination to squelch it is now very real thanks to the Mormons.

You… fuck with my people, Mormon Church. It won’t ever be forgotten, the rest of my life will be spent informing Americans what hateful lying bigots your are as I help to strip your unlawful tax-exempt status. Mormons used to have a reputation as prudent and wise, but you’re idiots to severely provoke the gay community and their allies on this, they’ve been fighting this battle for decades with a dignified intensity y’all can’t even dream of, they and friends like me are never going away or losing on this, no matter what happens in 12 days.

Earning fervent enemies is never wise, no, but it’s even more stupid to employ the political tactics of Karl Rove this election cycle. Earth to Republicans and Mormons everywhere: politics of slime, fear, innuendo and lying viciously backfire in this environment. Rove ushered in the worst President of all time, a trashed economy, losing wars and a wrecked financial system. The Republican brand is toxic at a plutonium level and now so too is your lousy, bigoted Mormon Church.

Lying extortionists who seek to savagely harm some of the most beautiful and gifted humans among us have no place in our society. None. Way to go on the mainstream tack, assholes.

My partner is greatly concerned about the economy and I am under ironclad orders to eliminate a small credit card sum, hoard cash and stop giving money away for politics (it’s become an issue, unfortunately). I had some explaining to do Tuesday after I gave $100 to No on 8, and yet again I’m going to be in hot water today ‘cause I’m giving another $100 right now, just a sec.

There, transaction ID 36440139. Welcome to the world of backfire, defeat, stupidity and condemnation, Mormon church. You certainly earned it.

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