Sunday :: Oct 26, 2008

I’m at the Piazza

by paradox

Campbell, California, doesn’t have a town square (piazza) like those that I enjoyed so much in Italy, but it does have a wondrous bike path though an old flood plain and creek bed that meanders through San Jose and Los Gatos. I bike on my Trek to San Tomas park, get on the bike path for 2 miles south, hop over to Winchester Blvd. and loop back to the park for a five mile lap.

Three laps is a San Tomas training ride (as opposed to a lazy fun ride) like today, except on a Sunday morning the bike path is going to stall me, it’ll be full of Americans of every age, race and type with their children and pets. It reminds me of the piazza in Italy, every evening the entire community comes out and simply walks around the town square, chatting, meeting people, thinking, being there.

I slow way down in spots, always courteous, respectful, yielding the right of way. These walks are a very pleasant thing for folks and it’s a disaster to run into an asshole bicyclist, I won’t ever tolerate it from my own handlebars. How I love looking at all the faces, seeing people happy, yapping and content.

I could hop the creek on the south bridge for a lap, but I like Winchester Blvd, it goes by St. Lucy’s. I have no real idea how this ever started but every time I lap by St. Lucy’s I make the sign of the cross twice for each prayer: for the ability to think ‘n ride safe, and to keep me whole from all the idiot killer drivers out there.

I’m no Catholic, har, please. I just like it, it helps since a bimbette blasted me off the road two years ago. Plus there’s bus-curling on Winchester Blvd., gear up enough and one can get a pull from the air curl behind a bus, just like a dolphin riding the bow wave of a ship. The cops hate this, however, so I don’t do it much.

So anyway that’s where I am in a few minutes, instead of banging away at political pixels I’m at the piazza. Tomorrow is another day the electoral mine and I need rest.

I knew blogging would be hard, but…not this hard, Jesus. I told folks I was angry about what’s happened to us and then looking over the work somehow I regretted that, well, it was so angry. I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, I just long for the day when I won’t have to be so angry that lying authoritarian Republican crooks have trashed the place and insist on cruelly persecuting my people.

Well, not today, at least. Go to the piazza, watch the Raider game, grocery shop and cook. Peace be with you and please be well, Americans.

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