Monday :: Oct 27, 2008

Happy Monday Blogaround

by paradox

Sorry to start the week on such a dreary note but Krugman has a Nobel now, what can you do? Putting it off until Tuesday isn’t an option, much as I would like it to be. In any event that’s done, here’s a Happy Monday Blogaround:

Sad pony guerilla girl (Daily Kos): I get into ridiculous resentments at the big orange, people put derogatory tags on my work like rant and Facebook, but it still is a platinum mine of great citizen writing I’ll always treasure, just like this examination of Bono at the New York Times.

TChris (TalkLeft): The Stevens trial is delayed by an alternate juror replacement. If Stevens loses this case Democrats will likely pick up a Senate seat.

MichaelD (Balloon Juice): Now that’s a pumpkin.

Faiz Shakir (Think Progress): Jesus save us, Condoleeza Rice was going to teach at Stanford, now it looks like the 49’ers might hire her! The National Football league is doomed, the 49’ers hopeless.

David Dayen (Calitics): Great voter information tool from Google.

Please have a great Monday, everyone.

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