Monday :: Oct 27, 2008

So Much for Those Permanent Bases

by paradox

Following the Iraq war over the years one of the most frustrating elements was the issue of permanent presence: would we stay there for 40 years or not? Usually the answer came back as a belated yes, for although the evidence was spotty and Rumsfeld always lied to Congress it was fairly clear 12 large permanent bases would be maintained in Iraq, eventually to meld into four “mega-bases.”

Still, that information is far too hazy for me, and it’s been incredibly frustrating not to get any hard evidence on what’s going on with permanent bases, US journalism just does not go there on reporting the Iraq war. Well, regardless of whether how many tens of billions were allegedly spent on permanent bases in Iraq, it’s all utterly wasted, we’re leaving by 2011 at the very latest.

It’s been buried beneath the campaign and economic news, but the Iraqis stared the Bush administration down in forcing it to accept the latest SOFA (status of forces agreement) that included a total withdraw from Iraq by 2011. But the Iraqi government couldn’t accept the negotiated agreement, so they want to re-open negotiations. Then the US “blackmailed” the Iraqis by threatening to pull out by this January 1st.

If I were the Iraqis I’d call that bluff in a second. The US would blink and stay, of course, but stranger things have happened, if the SOFA falls apart it could provide the perfect cover for an Obama administration to get the hell out of Iraq in only three months. What a godsend to the world and the country that would be.

At some point we will find out just how many billions we wasted on “permanent” bases in Iraq and the nature of the lies used to obscure them, just another tragic element to a disastrous , lying war. I won’t forget, and the country is never doing something so stupid as occupation for nothing again, no. We really will learn this time.

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