Tuesday :: Oct 28, 2008

Yes on 1 & 12

by paradox

For what it’s worth I’ll be voting Yes on Propositions 1 and 12, a rare California election where I even vote for one initiative.

The initiative process has been an utter disaster for California, the place is ungovernable. Prop 13 and term limits have done incredible damage to what was once one of the greatest republics in the world, and it makes me extremely uneasy to legitimize any of the horror show by voting for 2 initiatives this year.

Everybody yelled at Kevin Drum for his obtuse objections to high speed rail yesterday, which is a good thing. That the Unites States does not have viable trains is a national disgrace, my disgust knows no bounds at our current American pigheadedness and stupidity at this glaring shortcoming. Assume that all the outcomes of Kevin’s dire warnings are correct, the train will cost a gazillion dollars, be ten years late, and never meet ridership projections.

For once, for the love of baby Jesus and all the Saints, Californians will be investing in their future where billions of dollars are not spent on missiles, tanks, jets, knives, ships, submarines, rifles, hovercraft, and ammunition. Whatever eventually happens will still result in high speed rail for the little people to ride on. Build the fucking train.

Yes, I will vote for Veterans home bonds. I find the sick persecution of our girls and the gay community with Propositions 4 & 8 to be a maddening outrage and precisely illuminating why the initiative process is such a horrible disaster. I hope with all my soul 4 & 8 are rejected.

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