Tuesday :: Oct 28, 2008


by Erin Alecto

Found via Digby, this should be a big deal (my emphasis):

David Iglesias of New Mexico was one of seven U.S. Attorneys fired by the White House for their refusal to bring voter fraud prosecutions. "We took over 100 complaints," from the GOP, he told us, "We investigated for almost 2 years, I didn't find one prosecutable voter fraud case in the entire state of New Mexico."

Iglesias, a McCain supporter, has, for the first time, leveled a new and serious charge: Despite finding none of the 200 voters guilty, he says the White House nevertheless ordered him to illegally prosecute baseless cases against innocent citizens, just to gin up voter fraud publicity. His refusal, he says, cost him his job. "They were looking for politicized -- for improperly politicized US attorneys to file bogus voter fraud cases."

There may not be a hook to build the narrative up before the election, but if Digby's right and the Republicans intend to use the ginned-up ACORN scandal and the mythical voter fraud scare to somehow cast doubt on Obama's legitimacy, this story will be important in the aftermath. Coupled with the pre-emptive letter to Mukasey concerning the Attorney scandal, Obama has indicated he's he's willing to fight back and that he has the ammo to do so. Good for him. For me, the politicization of the Justice Department has been one of the most heinous of the Bush administration's offenses; I hope Obama, if elected, will continue to pursue this line of inquiry while he's in office and flush the bad seeds Rove and his minions have planted there.

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