Thursday :: Oct 30, 2008

Long Road

by paradox

Well, we are almost at the end of another absurdly long, arduous presidential campaign, notable in one aspect from the opposition Republicans, who for once truly fielded a team of campaign amateurs, derided constantly as off-message, unorganized, un-disciplined clueless political chumps. Usually the Wermacht authoritarian wing of the Republican party spits out a presidential campaign with Teutonic efficiency, but not this year.

I've simply never seen a more offensive, more nauseating, presidential campaign, Steve The Machine Benen wrote yesterday, a sincere statement from an enviably talented blogger but one that can unfortunately be said by any American after each successive Republican campaign we suffer through.

Watching Al Gore—a great, visionary man who was horribly robbed—get smeared as a liar, the weekly outrages mainlined by American “journalism” right out of the sewer of Republican talk radio, was a sick theft of American soul that motivates me to this very day. Seeing the brave, committed John Kerry ruthlessly painted as a lying coward with purple band aids was certainly not an exercise of human dignity, no.

After those two nauseating regressions of the American character this current clownshow from the GOP, as stated before, is really only notable for its base incompetence and inherent political illegitimacy. Fielding a 72 year old candidate with a melanoma history is simply not credible, and I doubt I’ll ever see the Republicans do it again. The old man proved he doesn’t have it when he chose Sarah Palin as a VP, now used as the primary excuse by prominent Republicans in their statements to vote for Obama.

The great difference for 2008 is, of course, a likely Obama presidential win, coupled with historically unlikely big Democratic congressional gains. The primary season was a hell I never want to live through again, the Republicans have been rankly clueless and offensive all summer and fall while the country sails over a cliff, but winning is very, very sweet indeed. We are not there yet, I know, no one will let up, but I know what victory feels like and this is it.

I will be lifetime excited and gleeful for days next week should that happen, but it won’t last long, January will seem like an abyss in November, the wait will be a long one until finally new people arrive in DC. Our chattering journalism darlings are going to yap up a corporate pushback in days and relentlessly hammer it home, while competing interests frantically try to get on the Obama agenda as he tries to assemble the best talent possible to somehow get us out of the incredible mess we’re in.

Despite all the embarrassments one notices that the Republican base still came home, with some exceptions polling indicates around 30-35% of voters will still faithfully vote the GOP ticket. Talk radio is still out there, the Republicans will have enough media and voter support to be seriously obstructive, which unless they do complete character 180’s of course they will be. If we win next week there will still be a long, long, long way to go.

That will be then, right now we are five days out, and although it has been an offensive ordeal in many ways this by far has been the best presidential campaign for America in the new century. Good luck, god bless, please stay safe, and may all heritage of America that is just, right, and longing for a better life for all of our people be with you, Senator Obama.

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